Description Edit

Achievements (also called "Unlocks") are meta-goals defined outside a game's parameters. Unlike the in-game bosses, minibosses, rooms, special rooms and/or floors that usually is the main focus of Paranautical Activity, the management of achievements/unlocks usually takes place outside these regular elements of Paranautical Activity. Meeting the fulfillment conditions, and receiving recognition of fulfillment by the game, is referred to as unlocking the achievement/unlock granting further content in-game (i.e items, Superweapons and etc).

Achievements / Unlocks Edit

Icon Name Task Reward
Good Start Achievement Good Start Complete a room without taking damage. Unlocks Ankh powerup.
Pacifist Achievement Pacifist Complete a room without attacking. Unlocks Cannonballs item.
Bottom Feeder Achievement Bottom Feeder Complete a room without jumping. Unlocks Angel Wings item.
Untouchable Achievement Untouchable Complete a floor without taking damage. Unlocks Bouncer character.
Night Vision Achievement Night Vision Survive a dark floor. Unlocks Eyepatch item.
Sure Footing Achievement Sure Footing Complete a hole floor without falling in. Unlocks Sealegs item.
Unsure Footing Achievement Unsure Footing Fall into a hole in a hole floor. Unlocks Oar item.
Heh heh heh Achievement Heh heh heh Have 69 bombs. Unlocks Bomb Box item.
Moneybags Achievement Moneybags Have 1000 coins. Unlocks Gold Scissors powerup.
Padded Achievement Padded Have more armor than health. Unlocks Armor Lover item.
OP Achievement OP Have 30 items at once. Unlocks M14 weapon.
Gotta Go Fast Achievement Gotta Go Fast Beat any mode in under 15 minutes. Unlocks Runner powerup.
Tyrus Achievement Tyrus Run out of superweapon ammo. Unlocks Battery powerup.
Addicted Achievement Addicted Spend all your money gambling. Unlocks Adderall item.

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