Blood Moth

Blood Moth

Enemy Type


Random Item

 A mini-boss found on floors 1-7.


Blood Moth is a large Lecter that flies around the room and fires four homing shots from it's wings.


At the beginning of the fight it is advantageous to strafe around the outside of the room to avoid the homing shots and to take out the Lecters around the room. Once Blood Moth is the only enemy alive in the room head to a corner. While in the corner, and once the Blood Moth has caught up to the player, it is impossible for him to hit the player due to its homing shots coming from the tips of the wings. Note that this strategy will not work for the Rocket Launcher or Grenade Launcher due to the explosions. If this is the situation, continue strafing around the outside of the room and possibly ignore the Lecters until the end of the fight.




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