Please add more bugs to this page as they are foundEdit

Boss BugsEdit

Undefetable Boss: When fighting the whale and useing Gaangus' soul if you are on the ceiling it traps it and it can spawn lecters out of the map maleing it so the room is unbeatable.

Room/Floor bugsEdit

  • No doors upon entry of a floor.
  • You can use the sickle to knock open doors during battle.
  • Upon entering rooms you can back out quick enough for the door to close and leave the area.

Weapon bugsEdit

If you switch between the superweapons and the normal weapon the firerate resets, giving you a shot the moment you switch, so if you switch between the two very fast, your firerate goes up. This can be done with The Tank's shotgun, making the fire rate almost triple.

Enemy bugsEdit

Sometimes it might happen, that an enemy just disappears (both normal enemys and bosses), leaving you unable to finish (or exit) the room.