Power Ups

Power Up area shown

Power Ups are bonus items that give you increased capabilities throughout the game. One may be held at a single time and it will be shown on the bottom right corner of the screen. They can be found after completing a room or killing enemies and used by pressing Q.

Various Power UpsEdit

These are power ups that can be found while playing the game.

Ankh Invincibility for 15 seconds.
Assault Increases your fire rate for 15 seconds.

The Assault Power Up

Battery Completely refills all secondary weapon ammo.
Dice Changes (ie. rerolls) the shop's items
  Heart of Gold Fully restores all hearts.
Hot Foot Allows you to walk on lava or acid for 30 seconds without taking damage.

Golden Scissors

Cuts the price of items in shop by half. Can be stacked multiple times.
Runner Greatly increases speed for 30 seconds.
SlowMo Slows all movement in game including your movement, pickup speed, enemy movement and speed of projectiles for 15 seconds.

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