Dobee The Flying Whale


Enemy Type


 A boss found on floors 1-2.


Dobee is a giant flying whale. She can attack by spouting blue orbs from her blowhole, as well as shooting red orbs from her mouth toward you. The random nature of her blowhole attack can result in the player taking some damage that may seem rather unavoidable, as dozens of them will litter the room. Also Dobee sometimes spawns Lecters from her blowhole.


It is possible to hide beneath Dobee and shoot her from below, she cannot hit you when you are underneath her. Just beware the lecters that she spawns.



When first introduced, players thought of Dobee as more of a joke than a boss. However, in the updates that followed, players mentioned that she seemed much more difficult. Although developers said they'd never altered Dobee's files.

The Dobee boss is an obvious reference and based upon Herman Melville's eponymous Moby Dick from the 1851 novel of the same name, due to her similar names and her boss design of being a large whale