Enemy Type


Random amount of Miscellaneous Items

 A standard mob found on floors 1-7.


The Gilead is one of the first mobs that the player will come across.  The Gilead is a demon that has a high rate of fire and remains stationary when shooting.  If it loses line of sight of the player, it will attempt to move to where the player is in order to regain line of sight and continue shooting.


Gilead's are relatively easy to fight but should be taken out quickly when there are multiple of them as the extremely high number of projectiles they can fire can become difficult to dodge.  A Gilead has a very large amount of health when compared to other mobs and will take multiple shots to be defeated.



  • The Gilead itself along with Hanz, Greebler, Gaangus, Big B and Dobee. Both of them appear at the Paranautical Activity cover art and the menu screen.
  • It resembles the Cyberdemon from Doom franchice is due to the fact that both are giant horned demons with various cybernetic implants such as a mechanical legs and an weapon fused into their arms.