Enemy Type


Random amount of Miscellaneous Items

 A standard mob found on floors 1-7.


Jimbaabwehs are some of the first enemies the player will encounter. These little guys have two phases. First is their movement phase in which they will randomly wander around. Second comes their shooting phase. During this portion of time they become increasingly orange. This is the animation for charging a shot. Once the animation/charge time is complete, a single projectile will be released. The projectile will move in a straight line to where the player was last standing when it was fired, and will only disappear when it either hits the player, or comes into contact with a wall.


Being extremely easy to dodge, Jimbaabwehs are a rather low priority target. When you do fight them, or if you are having trouble dodging them, try to keep your distance. Doing so will give you more time to react to incoming shots, and will let you retaliate after they have fired.



The name is a play on "Zimbabwe", a nation in southeast Africa.


If a Jimbaabweh falls off of a ledge while charging a shot, the shot animation and projectile stays where the enemy fell from.