The following is the official list of patch notes that have been released for the game.

BETA V1.1Edit

Paranautical Activity Beta V1

Paranautical Activity Beta V1.1 Patch Video

  • Added 1 more gun
  • Added 2 more bosses
  • Added 2 more enemies
  • Added 2 more floors 
  • Added 5 more items
  • Added better gun sounds
  • Added gamepad support
  • Added new boss items
  • Added new environment textures
  • Added new splash screen for the main menu  
  • Added randomized bosses
  • Fixed Skullito falling out of the level
  • Fixed backless lightning bolt render glitch  
  • Fixed doors sometimes locking you out of a room
  • Fixed elevator occasionally leaving you   
  • Fixed ledge jump glitch
  • Fixed misplaced map glitch
  • Rebalanced crossbow 
  • Rebalanced item drops

BETA V1.2Edit

Paranautical Activity Beta V1

Paranautical Activity Beta V1.2 Patch Video


  • Added 1 new weapon: Poseidon's Trident
  • Added 2x as many room variations!
  • Added 5 new items
  • Added Giant swinging blade trap
  • Added Lava floor trap
  • Added New wall textures, randomized textures
  • Fixed Crossbow refusing to fire after pausing/picking up another weapon
  • Fixed? Bosses occasionally glitching out of the world
  • Fixed? Item room wall not being placed correctl
  • Replaced old placeholder songs with songs from the OST

BETA V1.3Edit

Paranautical Activity Beta V1

Paranautical Activity Beta V1.3 Patch Video


  • No official patch notes were released, however minibosses were added to the game

BETA V1.4Edit

Paranautical Activity Beta V1

Paranautical Activity Beta V1.4 Patch Video


 *rebalanced early game to be easier

  • rebalanced late game to be harder
  • nerfed pretty much every item
  • changed credit sequence
  • changed health upgrades to give you full heart containers instead of empty ones
  • fixed floors occasionally containing only a few rooms
  • fixed bombs dealing extra damage to certain bosses and enemies
  • fixed long silence between certain songs
  • fixed dobee glitching out of the level (again…)
  • Fixed glitching out of rooms before beating them
  • added damage indicator to HUD.
  • added new HUD
  • added new randomized splash screens
  • added new textures for late game levels
  • added invincibility timer
  • added 2 new floors
  • added 10 new items
  • added 2 new enemies
  • added 5 new bosses
  • added 2 new guns
  • added 1 new miniboss
  • added 5 new rooms per floor

BETA V1.5Edit

Paranautical Activity Beta V1

Paranautical Activity Beta V1.5 Patch Video


  • added character select
  • added fanart to credits sequence
  • added 2 new songs to the soundtrack
  • added new menus
  • added FOV slider
  • added loading screen
  • added short-ranged version of the magnet as default gear
  • added sickle sound
  • changed shotgun sound
  • changed guns so they cost money
  • changed Omni the octopus boss fight
  • changed attack blowfish (experimental)
  • changed hud to make it smaller and less intrusive
  • buffed bombs
  • buffed final boss
  • buffed gilead's gun
  • nerfed bunnyhopping (on accident!)
  • fixed magnet occasionally not working
  • fixed door sounds rapidly looping when you enter a room
  • fixed audio sliders not being accurate
  • fixed being unable to jump while walking on stairs
  • fixed bombs interacting strangely with bullets and particles
  • fixed namenlos floating when he ran
  • fixed bunny hopping occasionally slowing you down instead of speeding you up
  • fixed getting stuck in boss rooms that spawn spiders (probably)

BETA V1.5.1Edit

  • fixed audio sliders in main menu
  • fixed spawning with double jump
  • fixed no credits after beating final boss
  • fixed the same weapon showing up twice in a shop
  • fixed bosses that spawn spiders occasionally being unbeatable

BETA V1.6Edit

Paranautical Activity Beta V1

Paranautical Activity Beta V1.6 Patch Video


  • added Tenchi Ninja enemy.
  • added arrow traps
  • added new miniboss
  • added 8 new items
  • added level indicator
  • nerfed most items
  • nerfed lava rooms
  • nerfed character starting stats
  • buffed final boss. monsters she spawns no longer drop loot.

BETA V1.7Edit

  • added 25 new items
    Paranautical Activity Beta V1

    Paranautical Activity Beta V1.7 Patch Video

  • added powerups
  • added superweapons

BETA V1.8Edit

Paranautical Activity Beta V1

Paranautical Activity Beta V1.8 Patch Video

  • added 2 new superweapons
  • added 11 new items
  • added 2 new OST tracks
  • added 3 new powerups
  • added 3 new bosses
  • added 2 new enemies
  • added weapon sway
  • added dark floors
  • added bottomless pit floors
  • added armory rooms
  • added trap rooms
  • added 42 new room varieties
  • added pillars
  • fixed firerate being broken when switching between super and regular weapons
  • fixed canobeans
  • fixed collision errors regarding particle effects and bullets
  • fixed spiders glitching through walls preventing the completion of some bosses
  • fixed being able to escape a room after activating it, locking yourself out
  • nerfed piracy
  • buffed cherry bombs
  • tweaked player icon on map to make it easier to see
  • tweaked david bowie class, added superweapon
  • tweaked tank class, added superweapon
  • tweaked hanz boss item drops

BETA V1.8.1Edit

  • fixed floor staying dark when falling through a hole in a dark floor
  • fixed boss health bar staying on screen when falling through a floor during a boss fight
  • fixed mermaid killing herself
  • fixed snail randomly damaging player until they die
  • fixed not returning to menu after credits end
  • fixed the golden scissors powerup removing scissors item
  • fixed problem that was causing occasional stuttering
  • fixed crosshair showing up in credits
  • fixed occasionally being able to see up into the level after falling through a hole
  • fixed shop corners not touching
  • fixed being able to escape the elevator after sending it to next floor
  • fixed powerups intersecting objects
  • added more fanart to credits
  • added proper credit for sound effects
  • added davy jones locker to item pool
  • added unique sounds for each powerup
  • tweaked rocket sound to make it quieter
  • tweaked explosive barrels to make them sometimes drop bombs and the blast shield item
  • tweaked special room (armory and trap room) frequency, made them more rare

BETA V1.9 Edit

  • added 3 new bosses
  • added bouncer character
  • added 15 new items
  • added 3 new weapons
  • added superbosses
  • added casino special room
  • added a ghost that shows up and wrecks your shit if you stay on a level too long
  • added secret 8th floor
  • added new final boss fight for the 8th floor
  • added impact sounds for bullets
  • added ambient sounds for bullets
  • added fuse sound to bombs
  • added indicators in the elevators for what floor you’re on to replace the dumb HUD indicator
  • added random character button to character select
  • added vsync option to graphics menu
  • fixed text popup being colored wrong for powerups
  • fixed some superweapons not being centered on item pedastals
  • fixed new powerups not being able to spawn from power of the gods item
  • fixed explosive barrel fire going through platforms
  • fixed map going outside HUD bounds
  • fixed weapons not hitting enemies at point blank range
  • fixed being able to get into rooms without activating them when you have the mushroom powerup
  • fixed the rocket launcher not reloading properly when switching to superweapon
  • fixed being able to overcharge the sickle and crossbowfixed bomb bros leaving behind fantom bombs
  • fixed item descriptions not being sized right after taking mushroom
  • fixed random exploding sound triggering when entering some floors
  • fixed spawn room retaining early game textures in the late game
  • fixed tenchi and namenlos shooting through objects
  • fixed dynomite having the wrong health stat in character select
  • fixed not being able to pause when you have 0 health with the shell
  • fixed harp item’s strings not matching up to the harp itself
  • fixed some spinning items not stopping when the game is paused
  • fixed menus being cut off at non-16:9 resolutions
  • fixed stuttering when looking at items for the first time
  • fixed options menus not returning to the root menu when unpausing then pausing again
  • fixed launcher image not being sized correctly
  • fixed scissors item being too low on pedastal and intersecting it
  • fixed coin sound getting ridiculously loud when grabbing lots of coins
  • tweaked plasma balls to make them spawn blood particles when hitting enemies
  • tweaked drop rates
  • tweaked character select to start on different character every time the game is run
  • tweaked map to center it on player
  • tweaked final boss fight to make it harder
  • tweaked boss health bar to make transitions smoother
  • tweaked special room frequency
  • tweaked special floor frequency
  • tweaked left hand to cause it to stop superweapon ammo from dropping
  • tweaked gileads gun (buff)
  • tweaked mermaid boss (buff)
  • tweaked banshee boss (buff)
  • tweaked can o beans to do poison damage (buff)
  • tweaked hanz pistol (nerf)
  • tweaked bullet physics
  • tweaked HUD to show collected items

BETA V1.9.1 Edit

  • added elevator ding
  • added classic mode (no ghost. cant get to 8th floor)
  • added hardcore mode (ghost. can get to 8th floor)
  • added infinite mode (ghost. repeat ghost secret to loop back to first floor)
  • added randomized mystery man character
  • added 40 new room variations
  • added new texture set for the 8th floor
  • added more fanart and sound credit to credits
  • added oculus support
  • added basic gamepad/controller support
  • added adaru to final boss waves
  • added notification in controls menu that controls have to be rebound in the game’s launcher
  • fixed items intersecting pedastal in poseidon boss room
  • fixed omni death particle not scaling with him
  • fixed Adaru humping
  • fixed ghost showing up during the credits
  • fixed dhalia’s mom superboss being completely broken on some machines
  • fixed oar acting as a jetpack
  • fixed being able to escape elevators after activating them
  • fixed N on compass sticking through the back
  • fixed battle snail not damaging you if you sit inside him
  • fixed starfish not properly reviving you with kamikaze
  • fixed evil eye causing lots of tridents to spawn
  • fixed trident vanishing when swapping to superweapon
  • fixed shops and some other rooms having cracks in the corners
  • fixed flipper making the world end with laser shotgun
  • tweaked doorframes to make them glow
  • tweaked beard+sickle combo (nerf)
  • tweaked screen shake
  • tweaked audio balance
  • tweaked some boss rooms
  • tweaked hanz pistol
  • tweaked ghost (buff)
  • tweaked credits so they return you to the main menu instead of the character select screen