Rocket Turtle


Enemy Type


Random amount of Miscellaneous Items

A standard mob.


Rocket Turtles are introduced to the player on floor 1. These enemies will fly around the room randomly and stop to shoot the player with two Rocket Launchers.


Rocket Turtles are easy to kill as they are larger mobs than most of the other ones. However the Rocket Launchers the Rocket Turtles wield do have spalsh damage so in order to avoid the damage move to one direction, stay away from walls and try to keep a relatively long distance to them.



  • Acquiring a Blast Shield will protect you from the attacks of Rocket Turtles, thus making them harmless enemies for the rest of the run. This mechanic also works with Baahmbas.
  • Rocket Turtles will stop firing after 8 rockets. However this will be a rare occasion to witness as most rooms will be cleared before they can fire that many times.