Sea legs is a shop item and is available for $600. It can also be obtained via mini-boss rooms as a random drop after a mini-boss fight. Sea legs grants the largest speed increase in the game allowing the player to move at the fastest movement speed in the game. Its speed increase is so large that any items that reduces the players speed such as blubber, lead, etc. will make little to no difference to the players speed, speed ups also make little diferencee to the already high speed granted by sea legs. While this speed increase is really big this can be a blessing and a curse, a blessing to where if the player is using the tank class or has obtained items that reduce speed this can be a life saver in the battle against hans and any other fast moving enemies and bosses, and a curse as the extremely high movement speed is very difficult to control for inexperienced players and can result into falling into lava or poisen pools if not careful, as a result this is not recommended for beginners.