Wielded by Poseidon himself.


The only way to obtain this Weapon is by defeating the boss Poseidon, or spawning in random locations on Nazi floors. The Trident boasts huge amounts of damage when compared to the other Weapons in the game. Many of the initial bosses the player will face can be taken down in two or three hits. However, the trade off for high damage is the fact that the item must be charged and thrown (distance thrown appears to be affected by Spinach). Additionally, the player must then retrieve the Trident from the ground in order to use it again. Also, the Trident may be used as a melee weapon.

It is important to note that the Magnet does interact with the Trident and will return the weapon to the player once it has hit the ground.



Prior to 1.4 the Trident was in the pool to be a starting weapon.


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